17 Jan 2007

Gunther Lenz and Christoph Wienands write a nice book on how to actually design and build a software factory on the .NET platform.

The book, Practical Software Factories in .NET, is based on a real, large project at Siemens, and it is a welcome companion to the original factories book by Jack Greenfield et al, which is very thorough but also quite abstract and elaborate.

Recommended reading for factory architects.

About the Author
Vincent Hoogendoorn is a hands-on software innovator / architect with 20 years of .NET experience, a Xamarin cross-platform mobile veteran and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Developer Technologies. He works at InnoWvate.NET and his areas of interest are .NET Application UI, Augmented Reality, Cross-Platform Mobile Development, Windows Azure, Solution Architecture and Software Factories.

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