28 Apr 2009

Macaw Vision on SharePoint Release Management

The current version of SharePoint (Windows SharePoint Services 3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007) delivers a powerful collaboration platform. It also offers excellent customization capabilities through configuration and custom code. This customization and...
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24 Apr 2009

Factory Overview, Part 1: A Bird’s Eye View of the Macaw Solutions Factory

The Macaw Solutions Factory is quite a big thing, even though it fits both small and large solutions. In this post I will take you on a quick tour of the major systems and tools in the Factory. Later posts in the Factory Overview series will zoom in on the details of those...
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07 Apr 2009

Factory Vision, Part 1: Introducing the Macaw Solutions Factory

This is the start of a story about a three-year companywide Software Factory effort. The result is not your common code-generating or process-focused factory. In our effort to realize maximum value, we focused on solving common challenges that existing factories do not address....
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