26 Nov 2009

Managing Environment-Specific web.config, app.config and EntLib Config Files

When you need to deploy a solution to multiple environments (e.g. separate Development, Test, Acceptation and Production or DTAP environments), you often have a set of environment-specific settings that you need to manage. Since version 2.1 the Macaw Solutions Factory supports...
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17 Nov 2009

How to setup BizTalk 2009 BAM Portal on a 64 Bit OS in IIS 7

I just finished setting up BizTalk 2009 (Developer Edition) on a W2008R2 x64 machine with the following components: Initially, the BizTalk Server Configuration utility failed to install the BAM portal. The error log reported that IIS was in 64 bit mode where 32 bit mode was...
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02 Nov 2009

Detect 32 or 64 bits Windows – regardless of WoW64 – with the PowerShell OSArchitecture function

In 64-bits versions of Windows Operating Systems, a subsystem called Windows on Windows 64 (WoW64) enables you to run 32 bits applications. Even to date, many Windows applications only exist in a 32 bits version – not the least of which is Microsoft’s own Visual Studio(!)...
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