27 Nov 2014

How to Share Xamarin Forms Data Binding Code across Xamarin Sketches and Apps – Without Using Strings

When coding a Xamarin Forms UI, Xamarin Sketches can increase your productivity to previously unattainable levels. Being able to see the UI in a phone simulator update while you edit the UI code, with a less than one second lag, is so much more productive than building,...
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18 Nov 2014

Why and How to Get Started with Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin Forms

Last week at the Visual Studio Connect(); event, Microsoft announced availability of Visual Studio 2015 Preview, with support for creating native iOS, OS X, Android and Windows Phone apps in C# with Xamarin. This was just one of many announcements that made clear that Microsoft...
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05 Nov 2014

Presented at Microsoft event: Mobile Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin and Visual Studio

Yesterday at the Xamarin event that Microsoft organized in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, I presented a fun session together with Maarten Sikkema (CTO at Macaw, where I work). We told the story about how we created and marketed a successful consumer app for the World Cup...
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