InnoWvate.NET can help you to:

Delight users and developers of .NET applications with full stack C#


  • Architect and build scalable distributed applications with Microsoft Orleans 7
  • Use Orleans.Multiservice to build modular monoliths that can evolve into microservices only if and when needed, without rewrite.
    Avoid unnecessary microservices costs, pain and complexity.
  • Use Orleans.Multitenant to build multitenant SaaS applications with secure, flexible tenant separation


  • Focus on C# UI – full stack C#
  • Browser, desktop, mobile, AR
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Single / multiple platform

Users stick around where they find a fast, rich experience that stands out from the crowd of traditional web applications. They get more done. They value software that does not waste or ignore the power of their devices, but let them enjoy it

Developers flock to a highly productive, fast and enjoyable development experience. With an inner dev loop that offers Formula 1 speed. Where unnecessary complexity, ceremony and noise is engineered out. Empowered developers, freed from unnecessary slowdowns, go fast

InnoWvate.NET specializes in building Application UI that delights users and developers, using C# in a modern, single-language application development approach (similar to Flutter) for the main .NET UI frameworks: Windows App SDK, Uno Platform, WPF, .NET MAUI

Are you building application UI?
Do better than HTML. Deliver earlier than XAML. Last longer than JS frameworks. Maintain big applications with confidence

Are you building a scalable application backend?
Avoid microservices pain. Use core .NET developer skills for cloud native. Reduce cloud costs. Quickly build performant, scalable solutions.

Innovate noW : InnoWvate.NET

  • World-scalable .NET distributed application backends with Azure cloud and Microsoft Orleans cloud native objects
  • .NET application UI & API architecture, development, coaching
  • C# Markup open source API’s, supported developer tools

20 years of hands-on experience with .NET innovation, architecture and development. Do you have questions or opportunities? Feel free to reach out on below contact info.


info@InnoWvate.NETwww.InnoWvate.NET – KVK 84667842 – IBAN NL65 RABO 0376 2975 81 – Btw-id NL003998247B37

About the Author
Vincent Hoogendoorn is a Microsoft MVP Developer Technologies with over 20 years of experience as hands-on .NET innovator / architect / engineer. He is currently focused on full stack C#: Microsoft Orleans backends and browser/native frontends with C# Markup 2 for Windows App SDK, Uno Platform and Xamarin/Maui. Xamarin cross-platform mobile veteran, passionate about developer productivity. Principal Software Engineer at InnoWvate.NET, Technical Director at Applicita.

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