13 Dec 2021

Welcome to InnoWvate.NET

InnoWvate.NET can help you to: Delight users and developers of .NET applications with full stack C# Backends Architect and build scalable distributed applications with Microsoft Orleans 7 Use Orleans.Multiservice to build modular monoliths that can evolve into microservices only...
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04 Jun 2020

C# Markup Snippets

This blog post is a part of Louis Matos’s Xamarin Month, where this months topic is Code Snippets. For more information take a look at his blog and see the list of all the other authors and their posts. C# Markup C# Markup is a set of fluent helpers and classes to make...
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Featured Blog #XamarinUIJuly
16 Jul 2019

Hot Reloading Declarative C# UI for Xamarin.Forms with CSharpForMarkup and LiveSharp

Modern UI frameworks such as Flutter and SwiftUI offer hot reload for declarative UI, in a single programming language. By using CSharpForMarkup with LiveSharp, you can enjoy a similar developer experience in declarative C# for Xamarin Forms today. See it in action: Imo it is...
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Xamarin Developer Summit
12 Jul 2019

Why is declarative coded UI important for the future of Xamarin Forms?

In the 2019 Xamarin Developer Summit keynote the Xamarin team presented an inclusive mindset going forward, amongst others for using both XAML and C# for UI: I am very happy to see the Xamarin team embrace this! However, there still is a lot to do before declarative C# is made an...
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