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16 Jul 2019

Hot Reloading Declarative C# UI for Xamarin.Forms with CSharpForMarkup and LiveSharp

Modern UI frameworks such as Flutter and SwiftUI offer hot reload for declarative UI, in a single programming language. By using CSharpForMarkup with LiveSharp, you can enjoy a similar developer experience in declarative C# for Xamarin Forms today. See it in action: Imo it is...
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13 Jul 2016

Building BFF – Backend For Frontend API’s for Xamarin Mobile Apps

When building a mobile app that consumes web API’s, do you sometimes get the feeling that this requires way too much code on the client? Does your mobile app performance suffer because you need to do multiple API requests and a lot of processing of API responses, before you...
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27 Nov 2014

How to Share Xamarin Forms Data Binding Code across Xamarin Sketches and Apps – Without Using Strings

When coding a Xamarin Forms UI, Xamarin Sketches can increase your productivity to previously unattainable levels. Being able to see the UI in a phone simulator update while you edit the UI code, with a less than one second lag, is so much more productive than building,...
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18 Nov 2014

Why and How to Get Started with Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin Forms

Last week at the Visual Studio Connect(); event, Microsoft announced availability of Visual Studio 2015 Preview, with support for creating native iOS, OS X, Android and Windows Phone apps in C# with Xamarin. This was just one of many announcements that made clear that Microsoft...
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05 Nov 2014

Presented at Microsoft event: Mobile Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin and Visual Studio

Yesterday at the Xamarin event that Microsoft organized in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, I presented a fun session together with Maarten Sikkema (CTO at Macaw, where I work). We told the story about how we created and marketed a successful consumer app for the World Cup...
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26 Aug 2014

Poollie: WK 2014 – Lessons Learned From Developing a Successful Multi-Platform App With Xamarin

This post describes the main lessons I learned while developing and supporting a successful native consumer app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone: Poollie WK 2014. I will focus on client-side cross-platform architecture and development; the lessons learned while developing the...
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24 Apr 2014

Building Cross-Platform iBeacon Apps for iOS, Android and Windows with C# and Xamarin

This is a $5 Qualcomm Gimbal beacon in iBeacon mode, being detected on an Android phone and an iPhone, in an app built with C# and Xamarin: Note that there is no Windows Phone in this picture. This is because the brand-new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support in Windows Phone 8.1,...
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09 Apr 2014

How to build Xamarin iOS and Android Apps with the new Universal Windows App template from Visual Studio 2013 Update 2

When I saw the new Universal Windows App project type demonstrated in the Microsoft Build keynote last week, I just had to try it out with an existing Xamarin project. This actually proved quite simple; just copying one line from the Windows project file to the xamarin projects...
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30 Aug 2013

Creating a Cross-Platform Native App Using MvvmQuickCross and Xamarin, Part 1: Cross-Platform Code and Windows 8 App

If you are a .NET developer and you want to create an iOS or Android application with a native user experience and/or good code maintainability, using Xamarin is an attractive option. Xamarin allows you to leverage your C# + .NET skills and the Microsoft Visual Studio development...
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