30 Jun 2008

DSL + UML = Pragmatic Modeling in Rosario

Steve Cook just announced that he is moving to the VSTS Architect Edition team, to work with Cameron Skinner building UML tools for Rosario on top of the DSL Tools. As you may recall, we can expect these five UML 2.1 diagram implementations in Rosario, built on top of the DSL...
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09 Jun 2008

Software Factories 2.0 – Microsoft’s larger Software Factories Initiative. Will you be a Factories 2.0 Company?

In the most significant post on factories to come out of Microsoft in a long time, Jack Greenfield unveils Software Factories 2.0. The software factories initiative has been repositioned within Microsoft to address a larger scope: “Perhaps the most significant change is...
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24 Dec 2007

I’m on

Edward Bakker announced the new software factory community portal which is located at Edward asked me for feedback on the site early on, and was also kind enough to add my blog to the portal´s home page. I am convinced the folks working on software factories...
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28 Nov 2007

Maintaining a SOA with the Macaw Solutions Factory

When I read Clemens’ post "Autonomous Develop Services for SOA Projects with Team Architect and Service Factory", I realized that part of his approach may integrate very well with the Macaw Solutions Factory. Clemens describes how to enable each service in a SOA...
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23 Nov 2007

Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0 and Visual Studio 2008 Shell released

More goodness for factory builders: you can now start to target non-technical factory users with Visual Studio 2008 Shell, it was released on 2007/11/21. For details and download links see the post on the VSX Team Blog. Use DSL’s and other Visual Studio extensions without...
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17 Nov 2007

The Netherlands leading in software factories…

Some time ago, Jezz Santos blogged about how the software factory community, as he knew it, seemed to be contentrated in the Netherlands. That he mentioned me made me feel good of course, but I also realized that being close to so many leading people in the softwa...
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16 Oct 2007

Jack Greenfield publishes new software factory schema diagram

In fall 2007 Jack Greenfield published an article in which he includes a diagram of the factory schema that looks quite different from the one in his well-known software factories book. This is the “new” diagram from the article: and this is the diagram as published...
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08 Jun 2007

Use DSL Designers stand-alone for non-technical factory users in Visual Studio 2008 Shell

Until now you could only use DSL Designers in Visual Studio (Professional and higher editions). This limited using DSL’s to those development team roles that are comfortable using Visual Studio (developers and architects). However, this has now changed with the announcement...
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25 Apr 2007

Jezz Santos mentions me on his blog

Jezz Santos, MS Software Factories guru blogs about how the dutch seem to dominate the software factories community, mentioning me as well. I already received happy emails from Edward Bakker and Dennis Mulder on this (15 minutes?) of fame 🙂 Good for the factory community!
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17 Jan 2007

Nice Book: Practical Software Factories in .NET

Gunther Lenz and Christoph Wienands write a nice book on how to actually design and build a software factory on the .NET platform. The book, Practical Software Factories in .NET, is based on a real, large project at Siemens, and it is a welcome companion to the original factories...
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06 Dec 2006

Jezz Santos on a SharePoint Software Factory

Jezz Santos, a factory builder who is leading in designing and applying software factories, predicts that Microsoft will deliver factories with their products as well. I completely recognize his reasons why that would be a Good Thing. Jezz uses a Sharepoint Factory as an example....
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27 Jun 2006

Macaw’s Software Factory on MSDN by Steve Cook

Steve Cook mentioned my article on how we are realizing the software factories vision for Macaw. So this is why my article got so many hits lately. And as a boon, it gives us our 15 minutes of fame by displaying us on MSDN. I like it 🙂
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14 Apr 2006

Realizing the Software Factories Vision for a Microsoft Systems Integrator

[UPDATE this article was originally published here, I included it on this blog to get my story on factories in one place.] Vincent Hoogendoorn, Architect, Macaw April 2006 Summary This article details a case on how the Software Factories vision is being pursued and realized by a...
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